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  FLY & RIDE  

For years we have been using the possibilities of "Fly & Ride" tours throughout Europe. Especially in the south and on the islands in the Mediterranean, this type of travel is very popular with motorcyclists.

In addition to the long journey and the uncertain weather conditions in the off-season, we have compared all the advantages and disadvantages for you:

+ Save time to get there.
+ Motorcycle maintenance
+ Selection of rental motorcycles
+ Tour offers
- NOT your own motorcycle
- Rental Costs
- Transport of motorcycle clothing
-/+ Rental Locations - Return Locations

“FLY & RIDE is the best way for controlled adventures.”

This way of traveling can be addictive. The choice between a trip with your own bike and a “Fly & Ride” tour often depends on what type of motorcyclist you are. Traveling to the destination on your own motorcycle is a requirement for many. Others, however, enjoy the easy journey and the possibility of renting a machine.

I set up a list of rentals below that I  used on my Fly & RIde trips. I can also recommend all of these rentals with a clear conscience. The service, the motorcycles and the quality of the rentals are top.


​Easy arrival by plane. Almost all starting points can be reached in a few hours by plane from Central Europe. Every Fly & Ride trip begins with a search for rental stations in the destination country. The rental stations offer a wide selection of rental motorcycles in different categories (sports, touring, naked), sizes and equipment. Depending on the travel budget, you can choose between the simple variant of a rental or self-guided tour and a guided trip.

For example, the Canary Islands (Tenerife, Gran Canaria) but also Madeira are ideal for a one-week trip. Also in Mallorca or Sardinia you can enjoy a great spring and autumn. 


Hertz Ride offers rental locations in many European countries. They also have a large selection of different motorcycles.


Wheels of Morocco is an official BMW partner in Morocco and offers a great all-round service for a great trip in North Africa. Greg and his team offer great tours in different areas and days.

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