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Hello, my name is Martin and I grew up in a small town in Lower Austria. I grew up with motorcycles from the very beginning. My father was and is an avid motorcyclist. I got my passion for motorcycles from him.

Due to other hobbies and interests, I didn't get my motorcycle license until I was 24. When the TV series “Long Way Round” was shown on television a short time later, it quickly became clear that the next trip would be by motorcycle. Then I bought a BMW F800 GS Adventure. My first motorcycle.

Since then I've been traveling the world on motorcycles. Because of my job as a teacher, I not only travel with my own motorbike, but also a lot with rental machines for shorter trips.

My motto is `World spins as fast as we ride!`Because we decide the speed at which we travel the world.


Countries visited

+ Morocco
+ Vietnam



Elementary school

VS Allentsteig



Secondary school
HS Allentsteig

Commercial academy
HAK Waidhofen/Thaya


Pedagogical college
KPH Wien/Strebersdorf

I have been a teacher since I graduated. My subjects are mathematics and physical education. In addition, I have been working in a holiday camp for children and young people in my hometown since my youth.

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