Over the past few years we have repeatedly revised and changed our equipment. We also want to point out that we chose the respective partner out of conviction of the products. In the meantime, we have found a partner in every area whose products fit us perfectly: motorcycle equipment from SW-Motech, tires from Heidenau, communication system from Cardo Systems and clothing from KLIM.

Here is a list of our partners:

When it comes to accessories for our motorcycles, we rely on the experience and innovation of SW-MOTECH products.

In the future we will be traveling with the suits and equipment from KLIM Motorcycle. We trust in the tested Gore-Tex material and the countless features. We particularly like the mixture of innovative design and sophisticated functionality.

After the first off-road experience, we were looking for one for the terrain and the road. At Heidenau we found what we were looking for with the K60 Scout.

Since our trip to Scotland a few years ago, we can no longer imagine traveling without a communication system. We trust Cardo Systems devices.

When it comes to the question of the right tent for our tours, we will rely on Lone Rider’s know-how from the 2021 season.

With the MotoTent, we have found a large tent with a low packing weight, where we have plenty of space and storage space. Cooking with an open awning is also possible. We are already looking forward to the first tests and tours with our new tent.


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