Travel Story Sardinia

Travel Report

“Bellissima Sardegna” – Wunderschönes Sardinien

In April to Sardinia? That was pretty much the first question we had to ask ourselves. We planned on it and quickly the car train from Vienna to Livorno and the ferry to Golfo Aranci were booked. The season of hotels and pensions starts and we made early bookings. At the beginning of April it was time. Our adventure began.

“What’s dizzy in Italian?”

When we entered the Sardinian roads on the first day of our trip, we did not know what tour we had taken that day. Our stage took us from the Golfo Aranci to the mountains to Nuoro on the SS198 to Lanusei and our destination is Arbatax. First impression is an insanely grippy asphalt and empty streets. Dizzy from the bends we made a stop in Nuoro and enjoyed the first rays of sunshine that day. The temperatures at ten o’clock in the morning were already at 20°C. Covered with Italian ham, cheese and other regional delicacies, we set off. The approx. 300 km long day’s stage was not a breeze, it was a curve orgasm, indescribably beautiful.

At this time of year many shrubs, trees and flowers bloom in Sardinia. Those who want to get to know Sardinia from its traditional side should spend the night in the so-called “Agriturismo”. Food with the residents, cheap and above all originally presented the often converted farmhouses and small guesthouses. If you are asked if you want to have dinner with the family in the evening, make sure you agree and get to know the real Italy. The hospitality of the Sardinians does not leave much to be desired although the season is just beginning.