Travel Report

4 seasons in 4 days

Last year we did our trip to the Algarve coast so we decided to do it again, we returned to Portugal this year. This time only as a starting point for a round trip through the Spanish Galicia. At 5 o’clock in the morning we left for the airport. With a stop in Frankfurt, we landed at 12 o’clock on time in Porto.

After being extremely satisfied with Hertz Ride last year, we decided to rent motorcycles again. After a 20 minute drive from the airport we reached the Hertz rental station in Porto, where our BMW R1200 GS were ready.
We stowed our things in the bikes and changed immediately our clothes to rain gear.

At 14 degrees and rain we started north to Galicia. After a short break on the motorway to Braga, we then turned off into the Peneda Geres National Park. Along the N308 the rain stopped and we could really enjoy the ride. After we had our first lunch in Portugal with the country-specific court Francesinha, we crossed the border to Spain and drove – with great views of the sunset – in the direction of our first stop, the city of Vigo. There we spent the night in Hotel Compostela.

The next morning at 9 o’clock we climbed in cloudy weather and 12 degrees
Back on our bikes and made our way further north. Along the coast road of the Rías Baixas we stopped at a great sandy beach, where we also saw dolphins.

Continuing north on the AC-550, we arrived at our next scheduled stop, Cape Finisterre. Here – at the end of the Way of St. James – we fortified ourselves with a snack and prepared for over 200km of highway driving. We wanted to go north as fast as possible. After a short stopover at Playa de las Catedrales we drove on to our next accommodation in Arancedo, the “el Castro” – a beautiful old farmhouse.

The third day we started again in the rain. We left Galicia for a day and drove on a winding route along the N-634 and the AS-227 towards Asturias. The next destination was the National Park “Las Ubinas la Mesa”, and we had absolutely no idea what else we would experience that day.

In light fog – thank goodness without rain – we drove up the AS-265 along the National Park. There we were astonished then not bad as the amount of snow was increasing and also became more and more. Partly, three meter high snow walls could be seen next to the roads. In addition, many trees had fallen due to the amount of snow and were also on the streets.

With moderate tempo and on slippery roads we left the national park again to the south. The further we drove down the better the weather became. When we were finally out of the national park, we expected bright sunshine and beautiful mountain scenery at a pleasant 15 degrees. The closer we got to our next stop – the small town of O Barco – the warmer it got. Just before the stop, we even had 20 degrees. The night we spent in the Hostal Mayo directly in O Barco.

The last day with our motorcycles started in bright sunshine. We drove the OU-553 south, where in the valleys 15 degrees and sun with 4 degrees and fog alternated on the higher passages of the route. After a leisurely breakfast in the small village of Baltar, we headed back to Portugal and in turn to the Peneda Geres National Park. The rest of the day was the best motorcycle weather at 15 to 20 degrees and we enjoyed the winding roads in the National Park, which offered breathtaking views and panoramas.

Over the dam of Salamonde we drove on again via Braga to Porto, where we also brought back our motorcycles. Like last year we were very satisfied with the service of Hertz Ride. We spent the last night in Porto, where we had booked an apartment in the city center. After a bit of sightseeing and a last Portuguese dinner we lay down with a crying eye – 4 days were much too short.

The next morning at 10 o’clock we made our way back to the airport to start the journey home. At 6 pm, unlike some of our luggage, we arrived punctually in Vienna.