“Fly and Ride”

Fly & Ride

What´s that?

For years we have been using the possibilities of “Fly & Ride” tours all over Europe. This type of travel is particularly popular with motorcyclists in the south and on the Mediterranean islands.

In addition to the long journey and the uncertain weather conditions in the off-season, we have compared all the advantages and disadvantages.

"FLy and Ride is the best way for controlled adventures."

At the beginning of our motorcycle tours, I didn't know that this type of travel would be addictive. Now I couldn't imagine any other kind.

Getting there

Easy arrival by plane. Almost all starting points can be reached from Central Europe with just a few hours’ flight.


The rental stations offer a wide selection of rental motorbikes in various categories (sports, touring, naked), sizes and equipment.


Depending on the travel budget, you can choose between the simple variant of a rental or self-guided tour and a guided trip.

Selection of rental locations

So far we have rented our motorcycles from these rental stations.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Ultimately, the choice depends on your own arrival by motorcycle or a “Fly & Ride” tour, often depending on the type of motorcycle rider you are. Traveling to the destination with your own motorcycle is a requirement for many. Others, however, enjoy the easy arrival and the possibility of a rental machine.

We have put together a list of rentals for you below, which we have already used ourselves. We can recommend all of these rentals with a clear conscience. The service, the motorcycles and the quality of the rentals are top.

10 Tips for your Fly & Ride trip

Especially on the islands: Madeira, Tenerife and Mallorca we decided on the “smallest” motorcycles. With a length of 80 kilometers or less you do not need the large GS to explore the island.