About us


"World spins as fast as we ride" 

- That is Verena and Martin.


It all started during our first vacation to Corsica together in 2014. Back then we were on the road for three weeks with a VW T3 Caravelle from Verena’s parents. Countless motorcyclists enjoyed the curve fun on the island. When the TV series “Long Way Round” was shown on television a short time later, it was quickly clear that the next trip would take place on a motorcycle.

Verena first completed the A2 motorcycle license and Martin had to wait another year for the A-license course. In spring 2015 we finally started our first motorcycle season together.

After our first tours and smaller trips, we noticed that they were very popular with our friends and on social media. We therefore wanted to share this content not only with our private accounts but also on a common page. So we started looking for a name for our little “project”. After much thought, we decided on “World spins as fast as we ride” and the associated logo.

Since then we have been wearing our logo on our T-shirts, stickers and our motorcycles. At that time we could not yet imagine the possibilities this decision has brought us to this day and we are grateful for everyone who exchanges their experiences with us and accompanies us on our motorcycle trips.

We look forward to all further adventures that we will experience together. Regardless of whether you travel the world or the home route, what you make of it is important. This is exactly the motto we want to spread around the world.

Greetings and see you soon,

V & M

"Exploring the world together is the greatest gift!"

We have been passionate about motorcycles and travel for two years. Our hobbies include not only motorcycling, but also documenting our trips and experiences.

Here we want to introduce our equipment to you. From our motorcycles to cameras and camping equipment.

In the meantime, a lot of friendships have developed through our online presence. We want to introduce you to friends and show who has inspired us on the path so far.

In recent years, many small tours and long trips have accumulated, here you get an overview of the motorcycle travel destinations to date.