Already a few months ago we talked to Johannes von about a motorcycle tour. A few weeks ago we got an invitation to a tour together.

We started on Friday afternoon near Vienna. Since the tour was scheduled for Saturday, we drove to Martin’s hometown to Allentsteig. There we enjoyed the great autumn weather and looked forward to the next days together.

The next morning, the sun was already blinking through the trees as we met for breakfast together. The weather was sunny but still quite fresh in the early morning hours. After a hearty breakfast, we met in the castle park with the other tour participants. Mainly friends and work colleagues of Martin’s father. We knew most of the recent trips together and were very happy to see everyone again.

The goal of our tour was the borderland between Austria and the Czech Republic. Due to the strong woodland and small hills also Česká Canada called. We drove a comfortable pace and enjoyed the great scenery. After about 90 km we made our first break at the castle Landstein. Along this castle ran a trade route that connected Bohemia with Austria and Italy. Its origins go back to the 12th century. Since 1990 you can visit the castle again.

Next to endless cycling and hiking trails we came to the lakes in the surrounding area of ​​Trebon. Before we stopped in Austria again. At the parking lot of the Nebelstein we parked the motorcycles and walked about 10 minutes to the “summit”. Where we enjoyed the view and a shared lunch in the Nebenlsteinhütte. There we broke up the group because we all had different ways home. At home we let the evening end with campfires and gasoline talks.

On Sunday the weather was even better and we decided to spend the morning off the bike. We showed Johannes Martin’s hometown and talked about some interesting projects. After lunch, we said goodbye to the family and drove off towards Kalte Kuchl. The eponymous restaurant is a popular meeting place for motorcyclists. The mood after three days was great and we enjoyed the cottage cheese strudel with vanilla sauce.

At this point we want to thank Johannes for the great weekend. We look forward to seeing you again and the next tour together.